Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to become a better Footballer

 If you want to be a better footballer than you are now, the first thing to do is to get more control of the ball. The best way to master control is juggling. Juggling needs to practiced everyday, and try not to be interested in fancy skills that players like Neymar use. It is important to use both foot and try to stay in the same position when you are juggling. Here is a good video for you to learn how to juggle the ball in the correct way.

  If you juggle the ball with the 'sweet spot', your juggling will be stable and it will help you get more control of the ball. Everybody has their own sweet spot when they juggle, and you should find your own sweet spot. If you can at least juggle 100 times without letting the ball bounce on the ground, it means you gained almost perfect control of the ball and at this point it can also help you with other skills in football. First, when you dribble the ball, the ball would be much closer to your feet and you would be able to change directions quickly. Secondly, since you have found your sweet spot while juggling, shooting will be a lot more powerful and accurate. It is not easy to juggle the ball over 100 times, and you need to practice everyday. It is definitely very difficult, but if you practice hard enough, you will find yourself juggling over 300 times. I hope you could develop your skills by juggling, and become a better footballer.  :)

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